David Hayter’s Back (Again) by Anthony Barlow
July 9, 2008, 10:00 am
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I might consider changing the name of the blog to ‘The David Hayter Ego Buffer Blog’ he’s everywhere, but I guess I shouldn’t have anything wrong with Solid Snake himself taking up a few inches of blog space (but he has had 3 posts so far today).

Hayter wants to stress that he has “massive respect” for Hideo Konjima (who shouldn’t?). He may have disagreed with some parts of the story in MGS4 but he’s a creator and probably isn’t afraid to speak his mind even if it’s questioning Kojima’s vision of the game (brave guy).

Anyway he’s posted a ‘statement’ of sorts over at the IMDB boards explaining some of the stuff that was said about him and Kojima and how it was all wrong.


Apparently, the people at 1up.com have taken some of the things I jokingly said at the Anime Expo 08 panel and made it sound like I had problems with the Metal Gear series and Mr. Kojima’s work.

This is patently ridiculous. I love those games immensely and have nothing but massive respect for Mr. Kojima. I did mention one disagreement I had regarding the climax of the game, a question of character, but this is just par for the course when many people work on the same piece.

Anyway, I’m sure I don’t have to remind any of you out there, but please don’t take half the stuff you read on-line seriously.


David Hayter

Well I guess that clears that up then. I’m betting they’ll be some more ego polishing before the day is out though.


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