Nate Ahern Announces Something? by Anthony Barlow
July 6, 2008, 9:21 pm
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If you don’t know Nate Ahern (how could you not) he’s part of IGN’s ‘Xbox Team and a frequent contributor (?) to IGN’s ‘Three Red Lights’ Podcast, obviously about the Xbox 360 and Microsoft stuff. As many readers will know I am a PlayStation only guy but I do have to keep up with gaming news even if it is Microsoft stuff plus that podcast is pretty funny. I went a bit off topic there but that’s my rather short and crappy introduction to Nate Ahern.

Anyway, a Kotaku reader had transcribed an interview of Nate’s from ‘IGN Insider’ where he was talking about Rock Band 2 and he may have announced something kinda cool. Here’s the transcription:

“Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour create an interesting situation for gamers. If you bought Rock Band 1 then chances are you’ll feel cheated by the release of RB2, thus you’d think that GHWT would be the way to go as it somewhat redefines the music gaming genre. However, if you didn’t buy the first Rock Band then I would absolutely agree with notagoth. Immediately upon purchasing Rock Band 2 you’ll have the ability to download a huge library of songs, as well as all of the songs off of the original disc as a free download. Then again, Guitar Hero World Tour does allow users to create and share their own songs, so it’s really only a matter of time until the Rock Band library is eclipsed. At the end of the day it could come down to which series has earned your allegiance over the last year since RB’s original release.”

Now if you read closely Nate says that “…you’ll have the ability to download a huge library of songs as well as all of the songs off of the original Rock Band disc as a free download”. How this’ll work I have no idea and maybe the guy just slipped up but if it is it’s pretty cool. It means that, as long as this feature does not require a disc, I can download this stuff and then trade in my copy of Rock Band 1.

I hope this is true because changing discs to play one song would be a huge pain in the arse so here’s hoping Nate’s slip up is true.


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