I’ve Got Me Some Achievements…Erm… I Mean Trophies by Anthony Barlow
July 3, 2008, 4:07 pm
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Yay 2.40 is here and hasn’t given me any problems whoot! I’ve been trophy hunting for two days now on SSHD and it’s goin quite well, 6 bronze 2 silver.

I’m loving the trophies it makes games like Stardust that much better because there’s an objective to the game now rather than just a high score. I can’t wait for more games to support trophies because it does look like i’m becoming a little bit of a trophy whore.

Everything else is really cool too i’ve used the messaging more than ever now with the in game XrossMediaBar plus I can check what I need to do for more trophies.

The new profile card is cool too it displays all of the recent trophies i’ve won plus it looks better than just a screen. Plus if Sony get their act together we can have a  ‘gamer card’ sort of thing.

Everything’s going sweet I hope they patch some games for trophies soon because I really want trophies they’re great (I’ve turned into the Frosties mascot)


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