Sony’s New Official Bluetooth Headset by Anthony Barlow
July 1, 2008, 9:12 am
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Sony gave early PS2 online adopters a headset with SOCOM and the trend continues. Sony will now be offering an official bluetooth headset with the release of SOCOM: Confrontation, in the retail version only (obviously). Well whenever SOCOM gets released it’ll get realeased with this really nice looking headset which comes with this cool looking dock.

I use a pair of Sony bluetooth headphones when I’m playing and they’re great. We can expect that this will be good quality with the rest of Sony’s tech but I don’t think i’ll be swapping my headset for one of these. I guess if you haven’t got one then this will be great for you.


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looks awesome! I have a 80GB ps3 and no headset yet. Glad I waited, maybe this one will be the one to buy. Depends on performance and Price.

I’ll use it mostly for Lost Planet and COD4

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