by Anthony Barlow
May 4, 2008, 9:53 pm
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  • Normal service resumes as of today. All features will be getting specific days which will be outlined in a later post. After a few false starts, the blog is back in action as of today (finally). You’ll be getting all of the (mostly PS3 related) gaming news regularly. The bulk of updates will happen after 4pm (GMT) from now on, but don’t be surprised to see some items appear in the middle of the day. A full features schedule will be posted about soon.

Cheers, Barmelo

What Games Do You Game? by Anthony Barlow
May 4, 2008, 9:43 pm
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After receiving my PS3 back from Sony on the 29th I’ve played little other than GTA IV. Here goes anyway.

  • GTA IV – An obvious choice and is keeping me engrossed so it looks like nothing serious is gonna get in the way of Grand Theft Auto IV. Haze is out towards the end of May so that might take down some of GTA’s massive lead as my most played game. I have put my pre-order in for Haze but if the demo is crap then GTA will definitely keep me going until MGS4.
  • FIFA 08 – A more casual, less time consuming game coming in second (and last). Lost my save file for this, like everything else, when Sony took my PS3. I didn’t want to download a GameFaqs save like I did for almost everything else because FIFA is so good.

I did think mainstays like Rock Band and PJM might have just made it in but GTA has just been getting better and better. Anyone who doesn’t yet own this game should buy it now, for fear of losing any credibility they may have as a player of video games.

I have not just been gaming this week though. I watched the alternate cut of ‘I Am Legend’ today. Personally I feel the original ending was better, but the alternate ending is still cool and is totally different from the original.