PS Store Update – 17th April 2008 by Anthony Barlow
April 18, 2008, 4:12 am
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Yeah the Playstation Store got updated today for the 1st time since the update. This week had a nice bit of content on both sides of the Atlantic of course I got what I could from both stores.

U.K./E.U. Store

  • Metal Gear Online BETA – Free!
  • Warhawk: Operation Broken Mirror Add-On Pack – £3.99
  • Lair – Deadly Dragons Add-On Pack – Free!
  • GTA IV Trailer 4 – Everyone’s A Rat – Free!

A small but decent ammount of content from the U.K./E.U. Store. The highlight obviously being the MGSO BETA.

Moving across the pond now to see what the U.S. has to offer our good, PS3 owning, selves.

U.S. Store

  • GT5: Prologue (Full Game) – $39.99
  • Warhawk: Operation Broken Mirror Add-On Pack – $7.99
  • Warhawk Booster Combo* Add-On Bundle – $11.99
  • *Rock Band DLC*
  • Still Alive – GLaDOS – Free!
  • Call Me – Blondie – $1.99
  • Message In A Bottle – The Police – $1.99
  • Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd – 1.99
  • Harmonix Pack 1 (Individual Songs Listed Below) – £2.99
  • Rock Rebellion – Bang Camaro – $0.99
  • Shake – Count Zero – $0.99
  • Sprode – Freezepop – $0.99
  • UEFA Euro 2008 Demo – Free!
  • Lair: Mokai Theme – Free!
  • Warhawk Theme 2 – Free!
  • Warhawk Broken Mirror Theme – Free!
  • Warhawk Broken Mirror Trailer – Free!
  • This Is Vegas Announcement Trailer – Free!
  • Haze – Mantel Corporate Vision – Free!
  • Condemmed 2 Bloodshot – Making Of TV Spot – Free!
  • Pineapple Express Movie Trailer – Free!

So we got a lot of content from the U.S. Store, the most prominent being GT5: Prologue. A lot of trailers featured here showcasing the new Warhawk DLC and Seth Rogen’s new movie Pineapple Express. Also shown were trailers for This Is Vegas and HAZE.

I can’t understand why the UEFA Euro 2008 Demo was released outside E.U. territories but it’s something new.

As for Rock Band Still Alive was by far the best content today and possibly so far. New DLC included Blondie, The Police and Bang Camaro. I only got Still Alive and Message In A Bottle but will be checking the others out later.

[UPDATE] – I just listened to the Bang Camaro track and the Lynyrd Skynyrd one on YouTube and got them too.


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