GTA Countdown – 17th April 2008 (12 Days To Go!) by Anthony Barlow
April 18, 2008, 1:52 am
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The best gaming day (for me at least) between now and GTA with a whole host of crazy crap to play I don’t know how i’m gonna get to write about it all, but I will.

First up. I checked the, newly updated, PS Store today and found some nice new content for some of my favorite games. We got a new add-on pack for Warhawk (as did the U.S.). Operation Broken Mirror launched today and although i’m yet to download it (lack of funds) but will do as Warhawk is cool and new content is always good. Alongside that both the EU and US got a new add-on pack for Super Stardust HD which adds some cool features but is another one i’m yet to download. For the full list from both stores check out my new feature to be announced shortly.

Today’s best new content is the MGS Online BETA which hit the EU store for free and for anyone, unlike the US. After finding that a rather slow downloading patch was needed I set it aside for later on (it’s just finished now) and played Euro 2008.

Yep I finished Dark Sector last night around midnight (as was said in last night’s/yesterday morning’s post) and took it back to my not so local gaming outlet where, after a few hours of waiting for a delivery, I picked up UEFA Euro 2008 on the PS3. I’m having an awesome time with it so far and will be posting my early impressions soon. This will definitely tide me over until GTA for which i’m extremely happy as I have run out of dosh, but will have it for the release of GTA.

So guys, the possible pinacle of the wait comes on the 12th day. Is it all downhill from here? Can I survive without spending until May? All will be reveled soon enough, but for now this is the XeNonX GTA Countdown for 17th April 2008, I’ve been Barmelo and I’m out.


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