GTA Countdown – 15th April 2008 (2 Weeks To Go!) by Anthony Barlow
April 16, 2008, 12:47 am
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The GTA hype seems to be ramping up now as we’re only two weeks away from launch. Not so boring and mundane as the last few posts today, which is a surprise. I went out and spent the day looking over the fine wares of the Trafford Centre and managed to grab myself some stuff and some dinner. Got home about 4-ish and began once again on the road to finishing Dark Sector. I’m really getting into it now, just hope I can finish it for Thursday so I can take it back and get UEFA Euro 2008 which, after looking at IGN UK’s review, looks like it could be some good, albeit casual, fun before GTA comes out.

Well after a few hours with Dark Sector I began checking good ol’ eBay and found i’d sold my copies of TimeShift (£15), Army Of Two (£30) and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (£30) which made my day really having had about £40 to my name just hours before I now found I could not only afford the two copies of GTA but also have £30+ over, result!

After finding i’d come into a little cash I went and bought ‘I Am Legend’ on Blu-Ray from Amazon (US) so hopefully that should show up soon.

Overall it’s not been a bad day. Just hope to god I can get Dark Sector done tomorrow if not it might be another for eBay.

There we have it another day and a fair few quid to show for it. This must have been the best day of the rather boring wait for GTA IV…god I can’t wait. Two weeks baby, two weeks!

I went all Ari Gold at the end there.

By the way I know it’s technically the 16th now but give a guy a break, eh?

(No good pictures for ’14’ or two weeks so I went with the Ari Gold reference instead)


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