*Spoiler Alert* RSV2 Not As Good As Predecessor by Anthony Barlow
March 30, 2008, 2:18 am
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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 [PS3]

Yes the old adage of the sequel not being as good as the original almost inevitably returns with Ubisoft Montreal’s latest offering from the Tom Clancy/Rainbow Six franchise(s).

I played through this game, both in co-op and single player, and have come to the conclusion that these so called ‘tactical’ shooters are being dumbed down. Yes I know it’s a bit late, and yes I do admit about being really excited about this game but it is really noticeable here.

My fist major complaint is that the A.I. (intelligence my arse), for squad-mates and enemies, is seriously flawed. I’ll find myself walking through a door (if Jung and Michael aren’t in the way!) and capping three guys in the back of the head without any one of them noticing. This is a serious flaw in this game which makes it really easy, especially in co-op.

Secondly the ‘tactics’ in this game are similar to those of…well I don’t know something that requires no tactics at all, like “Deal Or No Deal”. Pick a door, snake cam, tag enemies, stack up, clear room and there you have it folks the guide to R6V2’s tactics from your host Barmelo.

My third major disappointment with this game is it’s storyline and locations. The storyline is strung together through a series of top corner info screens which do only one job, annoy the shit out of you. Using this method with a series of non cut scenes really does not explain this supposedly ‘engrossing’ storyline and leaves you wondering “was that it?” when the final act finishes. Locations were one of the best things in RSV just because of their variety and multiple routes to your objective. This game offers nearly none of that with a few nice daytime scenes but nothing in comparison to the first game. Another thing location wise is that none of the older locations from the first game have returned, at least not yet. I have seen some of the previous game’s online maps in ‘Terrorist Hunt’ but not in campaign. The nostalgia of ‘Calypso Casino’ and ‘LVU Campus’ cannot be re-experienced but i’m thinking that DLC will be a definite option for maps like these.

Graphically RSV2 is very much similar to the original with a few slight tweaks. The texture pop is terrible when starting an online co-op game and some of the environments seem very generic.

The new commands don’t seem to work either. The ability to have squad mates throw grenades really doesn’t do much as it doesn’t usually allow you to.

Overall this was very RSV.5 and not a true sequel. It seemed really rushed and generally a money grabber which hopefully doesn’t turn into Ubi’s cash-cow game. I’m hoping for a two year gap before a new showing from Team Rainbow so hopefully Ubisoft can iron out their flaws and create a true sequel to the brilliance that was Rainbow Six Vegas.


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